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4041 N. Central Ave., Ste. 1200
Phoenix, AZ 85012




County School Superintendent Staff

Alma Vital-Johnson.jpg

Alma Vital-Johnson

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7313

Alysia Wells.jpg

Alysia Wells

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7312

Ana Sanchez.jpg

Ana Sanchez

Homeschool Liaison

(602) 506-3866

Beatrice Begay.jpg

Beatrice Begay

Business Svc Reresentative

(602) 506-7985

Brian Hoffner.jpg

Brian Hoffner

Science and STEM Resource Director

(602) 506-7058

Carmen Guzman.jpg

Carmen Guzman

Client Service Specialist




Carrie Gunderson

Garnishment Specialist

(602) 372-4833

Christianne Nutt bkg.jpg

Christianne Nutt

Field Specialist

Christina Valenciano.JPG

Christina Valenciano

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7309

Cory Peacock.jpg

Cory Peacock

Assessment Coordinator

(602) 506-3219

Darcy Moody.jpg

Darcy Moody

Director of Advocacy and Program Development

(602) 506-6520

Darrin Fetters.jpg

Darrin Fetters

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7323 

Denise Weihe bkg.jpg

Denise Weihe

Business Svc Specialist

(602) 506-7121 

Desere Hockman.jpg

Desere Hockman

Professional Development Resource Coordinator



Don Miller

PC Systems Support

(506) 373-7033      

Donna Hicks.JPG

Donna Hicks

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7317


Donna Yakoubi

Financial Application Support Coordinator

(602) 372-4833

Emily Beck.jpg

Emily Beck

Human Capital Mgmt Sys-Admin

(602) 372-7326


Eric Hockman bkg.jpg

Eric Hockman

Data Mgmt System Program Mgr.

(602) 372-7318 

Gale Beauchamp.jpg

Gale Beauchamp

Industry and Education Partnership Director

(602) 372-7295

Jean-Claude Mbock.jpg

Jean-Claude Mbock

PC/Lan Analys

(602) 506-2897

Jeff Starr.JPG

Jeff Starr

Business Integration Specialist

(602) 506-2926

Jeff Smith.jpg

Jeff Smith

Financial Application Support Coordinator

Jenni Gibbs.jpg

Jenni Gibbs

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7334

Jennifer Buchanan.JPG

Jennifer Buchanan

Assessment Coordinator

(602) 372-7234

Jennifer Schenck.jpg

Jennifer Schenck

Data System Specialist

(602) 506-1564

Jill Winn.jpg

Jill Winn

Financial Application Support Coordinator

John Lutz.jpg

John Lutz


(602) 506-6561

Karen Rodriguez.JPG

Karen Rodriguez

Business Svc Specialist

(602) 372-4833 

Karla Gutierrez-Whitmire.jpg

Karla Gutierrez-Whitmire

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7317

Katie Francis.jpg

Katie Francis

Director of Communications

(602) 506-1239


Kendra Moren bkg.JPG

Kendra Moreno

REIL-Extend Program Director

(602) 695-2660 

Kim St Clair.jpg

Kim St. Clair

Professional Development Resource Coordinator

(602) 372-3684


Laurie King.JPG

Laurie King

Executive Director of Communications

(602) 689-0581

Leslie Beauchamp.jpg

Leslie Beauchamp

Field Specialist Principal Coach

(602) 372-7328 

Linda Schaefer bkg.jpg

Linda Schaefer

Admin. Assistant

(602) 506-6557 

Lori Renfro.JPG

Lori Renfro

Asst. Superintendent, Human Capital Management Systems

(602) 372-3705


Lucia Martinez

Admin Assistant

(602) 372-0428

Marc Kuffner.JPG

Marc Kuffner

Executive Director of Finance

(602) 506-2068  

Marla Chamberlain bkg.jpg

Marla Chamberlain

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7322 


Maya James

Multimedia Coordinator

(602) 506-1239

Michael Labrecque.jpg

Michael Labrecque

Field Specialist

(602) 372-7321

Mike Martinez.jpg

Mike Martinez

Financial Systems Operations Manager

(602) 372-4833 

Michele Rutin.jpg

Michele Rutin

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7309 

Michelle Yerkes bkg.jpg

Michelle Yerkes

Professional Development Resource Coordinator

(602) 506-1649


Millie Thompson

Accounts Payable Specialist

(602) 372-4833 

Nancy Feiring.JPG

Nancy Feiring

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7322 

Nancy Penzone.JPG

Nancy Penzone

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7327 

Patty Cooley.jpg

Patricia Cooley

Executive Assistant to Superintendent

(602) 506-3661

Peter Sharbaugh bkg.jpg

Peter Sharbaugh

Data Coordinator

Rebecca Surls.jpg

Rebecca Surls

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7329 

Richard Eagan.jpg

Richard Eagan

Financial Business Systems Specialist

(602) 372-9135 

Sara Reimer.jpg

Sara Reimer

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7330 

Shane Wikfors.JPG

Shane Wikfors

Director of Government and Public Relations

(602) 506-4383 


Sherry Frye

Financial/Business Representative

(602) 506-2969

Susan LaValley.jpg

Susan LaValley

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7310 

Sylvia Perez.jpg

Sylvia Perez

Human Resource Associate

(602) 506-1490


Tanya Gabrick.jpg

Tanya Gabrick

Field Specialist

(602) 372-7338 

Tessa Otero.JPG

Tessa Otero

Elections Specialist

(602) 506-3978

Theresa Hulihan.jpg

Theresa Hulihan

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7311 

Theresa Ysaguirre.JPG

Theresa Ysaguirre

Accounting Specialist

(602) 372-1245

Traci Price.jpg

Traci Price

Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7332  

Tracy McLaughlin.jpg

Tracy McLaughlin

Itinerant Business Mgr.

(602) 506-3958