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Design Day

The Process

Design Day

Why Design Day?

We believe the people doing the work are better equipped to solve challenges than the people talking about the work.

You are doing the work.

We believe a lot of the people doing the work do not have adequate time or resources to solve all of the challenges that need to be solved.

You have challenges that need to be solved.

We will create the space and experience for you to come together and create solutions to your challenges. The challenges you identify.

The challenges you understand.

The challenges you want to tackle.

You will work with like minded people to drill into your challenges and create actionable solutions.

You will have our support with making space, making time, and facilitating great conversation.

You will have our support with taking action, reflecting, and revising if necessary.

These are your challenges, your solutions, your success!

Design Day your day... the answers are in the room. Let’s uncover them!

Design Day was created to provide teachers with focused time and creative space to design solutions that increase joyful teaching. Based on the principles of Human Centered Design, participants uncover the root causes of frustrations within their control, and create micro shifts that can be put into practice immediately to bring more joy to the teaching profession.

Design Day borrows from:

Flip the Clinic

Reos Partners

Lego Serious Play

IDEO Design Thinking