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REIL Overview


Rewarding Excellence in Instruction and Leadership (REIL) is about elevating the education profession. Increasing accountability, improving individualized support, and raising compensation is at the heart of REIL. Our office has "realized" three iterations of this project; REIL, REIL-The Next Generation (TNG), and REIL-Extend.

REIL-Extend is guided by two goals: 1. Attract, place, retain, and sustain effective educators through implementation of a high quality, LEA-wide human capital management system focused on expanding leadership and cultivating an engaged workforce. 2. Redesign high-need schools to accelerate access to effective educators by extending the reach of excellent teachers.

Learn more about REIL-Extend and the previous REIL iterations here.

REIL is led by the Program Manager who is responsible for overseeing all performance-based evaluation programs MCESA. The REIL Program Manager is: Dr. Lori Renfro 602-372-3705