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Rewarding Excellence in Instruction and Leadership (REIL) is about elevating the education profession. Increasing accountability, improving individualized support, and raising compensation is at the heart of REIL. MCESA has "realized" three iterations of this project; REIL, REIL-The Next Generation (TNG), and REIL-Extend.

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REIL-Extend  |  2016-2021

Extending the reach of the best educators.

Alliance Schools Districts: Maricopa County Regional |Phoenix Elementary | Nadaburg Unified | Wilson Elementary | Valentine Elementary

Year One

REIL-TNG  |  2012-2017

Attract, place, retain, sustain and develop educators.

Alliance School Districts: AZ Juvenile Corrections | Incito Schools | Maricopa County Regional | Mobile Elementary | Phoenix Elementary | Roosevelt Elementary

Year One  |  Year Two  |  Year Three  | Year Four

REIL  |  2010-2015

Sustainable, differential, performance-based compensation.

Alliance School Districts: Alhambra Elementary | Nadaburg Unified | Tolleson Elementary

Year One | Year Two | Year Three | Year Four | Year Five|

REIL is led by the Program Manager who is responsible for overseeing all performance-based evaluation programs MCESA. The REIL Program Manager is: Dr. Lori Renfro 602-372-3705 lori.renfro@mcesa.maricopa.gov

RDSS: Assessment: 

Delivering valid and reliable student assessments in the traditionally non-tested areas. Click here to view.

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For help logging into the the RDSS, contact ADE Support at ADESupport@azed.gov or call (602) 542-7378.

Educators will receive differentiated support and job-embedded professional development aligned to the observation instruments and identified content areas.

Educator Observation Instruments

Educators are observed in multiple settings during multiple cycles using the REIL observation instruments. The REIL Observation Instruments are three separate yet related tools that clearly describe effective classroom instruction, instructional leadership, and professional development

Learning Observation Instruments (LOI)

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 2.53.44 PM.png

Grounded in the belief that the best instruction occurs when students construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world, this instrument clearly describes what individualized teaching and conceptual learning looks like.

Six rubrics and 26 elements break down the clear descriptions into manageable tasks that teachers can master over time. The LOI is the foundational component of MCEA's observation instrument suite.

Coaching Observation Instruments (COI)

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 2.53.57 PM.png

Instructional coaching positively impacts the professional development of teachers and the learning of students. This instrument honors that important position and clearly describes what it takes to provide the right amount and type of support for professional growth to occur. The COI perfectly aligns to t he LOI and even shares several elements in order to connect the coach role to the success of a teacher and students.

Three rubrics and 23 elements break down the clear descriptions into manageable tasks that instructional coaches can master over time.

Leading Observation Instruments (LdOI)

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 2.54.10 PM.png

Teaching and learning significantly improve with great leadership. The instrument clearly describes the varied and complex roles of the school leader. The LdOI perfectly aligns to the LOI and COI. Common language is used throughout all instruments in order to connect the leader role to the success of a teacher and students.

Five rubrics and 22 elements break down the clear descriptions into manageable tasks that school leaders can master over time.

Power Learning Observation Instrument

The Power LOI (which has 12 scored elements) is a shorter version of the Learning Observation Instrument (which has 21 scored elements). It is designed to increase flexibility and efficiency in the implementation of observation cycles for a sub-set of educators. This version of the LOI is called the Power LOI because it shortens a typical observation cycle – but retains a powerful subset of elements to maintain a robust feedback loop for the educator.

Multi-Classroom Leader Observation Instrument

The Multi-Classroom Leader Observation Instrument is tailored to align to the unique roles and responsibilities of the excellent teachers fulfilling the Multi-Classroom leader role in our Opportunity Culture Schools.  MCLs are proven effective teachers with leadership competencies who lead teams of other teachers facilitating team collaboration and planning,  An MCL is accountable for team success and all students’ learning so the MCLOI is a combination of the Learning Observation Instrument and the Coaching Observation Instrument.

Reach Associate Observation Instrument

The Reach Associate Observation Instrument was developed to support paraprofessionals and aspiring teachers fulfilling the Reach Associate role in our Opportunity Culture Schools.  Based on a subset of the teachers’ Learning Observation Instrument, the tool highlights an RA’s impact on student learning, the importance of collaboration with the teacher or teachers with whom they work, and the professional responsibilities of the RA position.